Best price guarantee

Competitive Pricing Policy

We strive to offer the best local market price on our products every day. However, if an identical item is found at a lower price at a competitor's location (in-store or online) during your purchase with us, Benjo is committed to matching that price upon presentation of valid proof within 10 days of your purchase. Certain exceptions may apply, see all conditions below.


Details and Conditions:

  • The competitor must operate in the same Canadian market, have a physical and/or online store capable of delivering to the customer's address.

  • The product must be identical (same color, model, size, product number, brand, generation, etc.).

  • The item's price must be regular price, in Canadian currency, and must include all fees that would be added when purchasing from that other merchant (e.g., delivery fees if applicable, eco-fees, and preparation fees).

  • The item must be in stock, available for sale at the time of the price adjustment request, and must not be a limited-time offer.

  • Details of the competing business and valid proof at the time of purchase, easily verifiable, must be presented (internet link for all necessary verifications).

  • A price adjustment cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer. Certain exceptions may apply.


Procedure :
Contact our customer service.

  • For in-store purchases, present electronic proof and your receipt, if applicable, within 10 days from the date of purchase to customer service. To do so remotely, send your request to
  • For online purchases, send your request with information and evidence by email to and include your order number if applicable. You must contact us within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Certain exceptions may apply, please read the conditions to the end.


Other Terms and Conditions :

  • If the item is no longer in its packaging or does not have its label, the timeframe remains the same; the purchase must have been made within 10 days.
  • The price of the identical product must be labeled, displayed, or advertised; verbal agreements are not eligible.
  • The product must be deliverable to the customer's home by the competitor or within a radius where they can directly purchase it in-store.


Certain exceptions apply :

  • The best price policy does not apply to corporate sales and special orders.
  • Products listed on Marketplaces (such as,, or as well as Costco and Walmart, clearance sales, merchants whose products are refurbished or whose prices contravene the supplier's pricing policy are not eligible for price matching. Adjusting a price due to an error in the competitor's display is not valid.


This best price policy may be changed at any time and without notice.