10 Jeux et jouets pour favoriser l’apprentissage

10 Games and toys to promote learning

Who says learning has to be boring and difficult? Forget school notebooks and homework, and dive into the world of playful learning! Games and toys designed to stimulate the intellect and foster skill development in children have become must-haves for parents and educators alike. From motor skills to creativity, this article brings together the best products for children's learning, offering a fun and engaging approach to developing their language, emotions, logic and much more.

1. Giggly Zippies - Hank

Always cheerful, Hank the hippopotamus giggles and wiggles whenever his tummy is squeezed. Wearing a yellow raincoat with zipper, button and Velcro pocket, as well as bright red shoes with laces and buckle, he's excellent for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a practical, everyday application! And because he's so soft and cuddly, he's the perfect learning companion for children aged two and up!

2. Growing Up With Nico

In this series dedicated to toddlers, we meet Nico the rabbit as he overcomes a number of challenges that will be familiar to children. They'll recognize themselves in Nico's fears and difficulties, such as the sudden disappearance of his diaper, or how to get rid of his pacifier, which is so useful in moments of boredom or anger? Children will learn alongside Nico to overcome these important changes with confidence and understanding. Featuring pull-out tabs revealing many surprises, this series offers a fun and educational approach to preparing toddlers for the big steps ahead.

3. My Little Sleep Train

Much more than a children's book, Mon petit train du dodo is a tool designed to prepare children for a journey to dreamland. Divided into three sections covering preparation for sleep, sleep and waking up, it helps establish a secure bedtime routine so that toddlers and parents alike can sleep soundly.

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations and a section offering positive strategies and rituals to make bedtime easier, this book will become an evening must-have for parents and children alike!


4. The Planet of Emotions

Designed in Quebec by children's specialists, Placotes games disguise learning in playful ways to encourage children's development. In "The Planet of Emotions", children are invited to show aliens how to understand emotions, because they don't know what they are. To succeed, children must first understand their own emotions! They'll roll the die to advance on the board, then pick up cards to guess the emotions felt by the illustrated characters.
This game is designed to help children aged 3½ to 7½ understand other people's emotions in a wide variety of situations and strengthen their social skills. It encourages the development of empathy and shows children that the same situation can provoke different emotions in different people. Ready for an emotional journey from planet Padémo to Earth?


5. Supersonic Heroes

Designed to help children identify and pronounce different sounds, "Placote's Supersonic Heroes" is a learning board game with a catchy theme. Aimed at children aged 4 to 6, the game challenges them to help the heroes defeat the evil Afono, who wants to wipe out all sounds on Earth. Each right word strengthens the heroes' power and brings them closer to their final battle with the villain.

The game features three different game modes for four-, five- and six-year-olds respectively. Children have to pronounce the words correctly, then match them with the right heroes to make them more powerful. For example, the wind heroine needs words containing the /r/ sound, the water heroine needs words containing the /ch/ sound, the electricity hero needs words containing the /j/ sound and the fire hero needs words containing the /s/ sound.

With play and practice, children will succeed in pronouncing these more difficult sounds. As in a sport, the more you repeat a precise movement, the better you become at it!

6. Seek and find toddlers

Suitable for young children, these Auzou search-and-find books are packed with fun, colorful details, where your mini explorer will have to find 7 items hidden in the illustrations. Each element to find is carefully integrated into the picture for a fun yet accessible challenge. This book is ideal for keeping children constructively occupied, whether at home, travelling or on the move.

With themes such as the seasons, vehicles and around the world, toddler seek-and-find is ideal for discovering and learning, while working on observation and association skills.

7. Red Riding Hood

Inspired by the famous tale of the same name, this logic game from Smart Games offers 24 challenges for the little ones. The aim is to help Little Red Riding Hood get to Mother-Grandmother's house by creating a path through the fir trees by arranging tiles and placing them in the right direction.
But watch out! At the crossroads are 24 new challenges for seasoned players involving the wolf. This time, two paths must be created, and as in the fairy tale, the wolf must take the shortest route and Little Red Riding Hood the longest.
Accompanied by a comic strip, this game is perfect for stimulating the imagination and logical thinking of children aged 4 to 7, while allowing them to have fun with a classic tale revisited in an interactive and educational way.

8. Science Experiment Toolbox

Construction games and the principles of science and technology meet in this little toolbox that contains much more than it lets on! Six unique experiments, involving the manipulation of high-quality wooden and plastic tools and materials, teach children about motion, potential energy and the conservation of energy. Each experiment allows children to discover a different aspect of these fundamental scientific principles, while stimulating their motor skills and thinking. Once they've learned these principles, imagination is the only limit to what they can create next!

Ideal for children aged 4 and over, this little gem from Hape is not only educational and fun, but also durable. Made from high-quality materials, it guarantees hours of safe, rewarding play for every occasion!

9. Gravitrax : The Game Course

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of GraviTrax with this logic game that challenges logical and spatial thinking. Inspired by the concept of the famous brand's marble circuits, this game features a series of challenge cards indicating the starting and finishing positions, as well as the parts available to complete the circuit. Your objective: create a functional path for the marble to move from point A to point B on its own.

This three-dimensional puzzle offers challenges of increasing difficulty, suitable for one or more players. Perfect for children aged 8 and over, it promises hours of fun and intellectual stimulation. Get ready for exciting challenges and let your creativity run wild!

10. Save the planet

Part of Gladius' new collection of science experiments, Save the Planet stands out for its originality and the large number of experiments offered inside the same box. Far from being disparate, these experiments combine together to enable children to create their own ecosystem replicating that of our planet.

They'll be able to grow their own food, irrigate a desert and create rain, while trying to save their glaciers. Several series of tests and observations will be required, such as measuring wind strength, observing wind movement and rising sea levels, and analyzing carbon dioxide and acid emissions.

This unique experience offers enriching hands-on learning and helps children discover the complex and fragile balance of our environment.


learning through play is an enjoyable and natural way to develop. We hope that this article will help to awaken children's curiosity on a number of fascinating subjects, and help to create quality moments that are both playful and educational!

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