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Benjo gets involved !

Did you know ? Benjo is committed to supporting the community. In addition to its Philanthropic Fund, Benjo acts as a partner and even sponsor in support of various local events that a bridge between families and youths.

Benjo's Xmas Breakfast

In 2021, the event will exceptionally not take place. However, we do not minimize the needs that are still great and we reiterate our commitment to the youth organizations and causes that we have at heart. In order to provide a sweet and magical holiday season for families in great need, we will still collect your generous donations. We invite you to complete the online form in order to support children with us.


Benjo's Xmas Breakfast

May children's hearts shine now and forever !

The creation of the Benjo Philanthropic Fund was inspired by a strong desire to touch the lives of young people in a magical way.

Our dream is to reignite the fire in children's hearts so that they can continue to shine forever. With this reason for being in mind, the Foundation's contribution serves as a magic wand for youth development in many areas of life.

Whether it's sports, arts, culture, directly in schools or through various social involvement, the Benjo Philanthropic Fund aspires to emphasize the spirit of initiative, the desire for achievement and above all, the ability to exceed personal goals, which we believe all young people are capable of.

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You can support the foundation throughout the year by completing the online form available here.
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The Nicolas-Viel award

The Nicolas-Viel award

The Benjo Foundation established the Nicolas-Viel Award in honour of a young man who greatly inspired those who were close to him before he was taken from them by illness.

Nicolas felt the first symptoms of cancer when he was 12 years old. A diagnosis of osteosarcoma at the tibia, special care in the United States, struggle, remission and amputation followed. Nicolas was 15 when he lost his battle on December 24, 2013, after years of fighting to try to keep smiling despite everything.

Watch for our next nomination announcement.

The Nicolas-Viel Award is aims to highlight acts, initiatives, achievements, involvement or performances that are worthy of a honourable mention and achieved by a youth or youth group under 18 years old.

Whether it's a creative invention, a courageous gesture, an act of generosity or a particular commitment, the Nicolas-Viel Award recognizes young people who stand out.

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