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Tablecloth marin world - Medium

All ages
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Nappe monde marin 45x45

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Theme: The Ocean

Tablecloth fabric 100% recycled polyester

User guide to download

Illustrations made by Geneviève Tardif

BiMoo tablecloths are used at home, daycare, school, traveling and even at the beach with toddlers. With the words under the pictures, children can learn to read and pronounce correctly and since they are bilingual, they learn in French and in English.

Your imagination is the key to the success of this beautiful product:

  • "Twister" with the children to teach them the Left-Right: on the tablecloth of the Sea, put your left foot on the turtle, put your right hand on the whale, etc.
  • Seek and find, give clues and the children have to find the answer: on the Jungle tablecloth, I'm the biggest land bird, I do not fly, etc.
  • Associations with plastic animals: the child must place the animals of the Plastic Farm on those of the tablecloth in front of him.
  • Theater: create a play with the tablecloth of Emotions and ask the children to mimic the emotions felt by the characters on the tablecloth.


Washable and machine-drying, wrinkle-free, no color change or size. No anti-stain PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl) or PFOA that are harmful to health.

-Small trick for stains: put dish soap on stains BEFORE washing.

Does not require any ironing and keeps its beautiful appearance despite washes

Digital printing that enables vivid colors and the processes as well as the inks used are environmentally friendly solutions without any solvents.

Brand : Bimoo
Length : 32 cm
Width : 22 cm
Height : 2 cm

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