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For more than 30 years, every toy Hape manufactures is designed to help children develop important life skills and explore the world of opportunities in their own little way (play). 

As one of the world largest producer of wooden toys, Hape understand the importance of the environment and the impact it can have on our children’s lives.

As the future belongs to our children, they need to be left with infinite possibilities and Hape toys encourage them to be what they want to be – imaginative, adventurous, spirited, and compassionate. Their philosophy of “Love Play Learn” lends a helping hand to parents bringing up children to be better from within and better adults in the future through Hape Toys.

Please note that any new order including delivery is not guaranteed for Christmas. We therefore favor in-store pickings.

Due to the large volume of orders following Black Friday, the processing time take longer than usual. The current situation imposes certain restrictions on us beyond our control. Thank you for your understanding.

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